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so I’m working on getting Sonali to adopt a healthier lifestyle…. she has a history of acute diabetes and heart ailments in the family and is slowly, as she nears 40, starting to show early signs of onset of diabetes. I on the other hand come from Kabuli wala stock which is apparently bullet proof, has flawless skin and hair and is usually associated with most strife in the world today  (ummm I’ve been told this in a few heated arguments roughly related to nurture over nature by some people who I talk to)….

So anyway I have started with the analysis part first…. here are my observations:

  1. she is not over weight however there is a degree of body shape issue that she does nurse, mostly in her head. We are in disagreement on that front. The way to address it is to indulge in a lot of exercise as I’ve experienced change in ones perception of ones body shape based upon the number of kms one runs/walks. So yeah walk it off.
  2. we did all the customary sugar, heart, bmi, hormone etc. tests done. Most of it is fine, borderline on the sugar front. There is the PCOS thing which is probably responsible for the type-2 diabetes which seems to be coming up. So yes one needs to address it actively. Exercise here is again one of the major solution strategies. In fact the PCOS is so acute that we have often wondered how we managed to have such perfect children in the first place. Well Ria was born after Sonali and I had been going to the gym religiously for over an year. We again started hitting the gym quite religiously once Ria was 2.5 years old and had started going to play school, then boom Ira was born when Ria was roughly 4 years old. So yes exercise is what addressed the PCOS at various points or atleast
  3. she is not someone who enjoys food, in the foodie sense. She likes good food but not the I_dies_for_good_food type. So the onset of diabetes is in all probability not related to binge eating, over eating or for that matter eating of any sort whatsoever.
  4. exercise is an issue, but not for lack of interest. If and when pushed by someone she doesn’t complain at all. Makes immense effort . Lately for instance she’s taken to walking quite a bit with me, I am taller so I take bigger strides which means she ends up almost running for the 4Km that I make her walk every alternate morning, and the 4km that we try to do every evening. Sweating away PCOS might not be the only solution but it would definitely help.
  5. stress at work could have been a huge factor, however she has a fabulous team. Besides that she has a healthy ear at home which in turn is connected to an amazing brain so essentially she gets to resolve issues before they develop into problems through discussions off-line with, lets call him person X. So work related stress is almost absent.
  6. Stress due to children is another aspect to explore. There is a fair degree of stress because of children as they are almost always, like puppies exploring the neighborhood, getting into trouble, whining, complaining about each other, whining again. This children factor is the probably where we want to concentrate energies and figure out mechanisms to deal with it.
  7. husband related anxiety and stress is another issue which needs working on. I am not exactly a very stable person and my mood swings are devastatingly frequent and acute. This means that whoever decides to stick with me has to sign  up for a pretty stressful existence. So that is another thing that needs addressing as much as possible. Things I need to work on are my reaction to world politics and calculation of self worth based on numbers. Complete detachment from news is the ultimate goal and complete immersion in work (with products that solve problems as the output) are the roads to this one.
  8. health issues on the parents front is a source of some amount of anxiety. The way I handle it is very unorthodox and some may call it cold. I don’t think about parents as a physical entity anymore. They are an idea, a thought not necessarily attached anymore to a physical presence anymore. This way when I do meet them they’re there and when I don’t they’re still around, in my thoughts. This way if the physical being is unwell and even if the physical being passes away I am not affected by it. I do my bit to help out in whatever way possible but it is important for me to understand that the physical form is not permanent. However this thought is something not everyone subscribes to or can wrap their heads around. It seems to be very unfaithful and self centered. However all it is is an attempt at self preservation. How would one go on after the parents are gone and gone they will be one day….. this thought when cultivated early on will help as now you can prepare for when they cannot physically refresh your memory with their ideas. Work through the days that they are available to collect their wisdom their guidelines their upbringing….. keep adding it to your “parent entity non-physical being”…. it’ll be better than trying to piece it all together after they are gone and cannot help with verification. So yeah this is something she needs to work upon and not get very disturbed by parents slowly becoming feebler and falling sick frequently. Do your bit with the support and physical engagement however do not expect the physical parent entity to be around forever, build your own parent entity devoid of physical being now.
  9. birth control pills which Dr. Anita Soni had prescribed for Sonali after Ira was born were low dose estrogen that was supposed to not interfere with the lactation. However we need to now revisit this aspect as now Ira is going to be 5 and slowly getting weaned off. Maybe the additional hormonal supplements are causing some degree of imbalance so it would be great to address it and get clarity from Dr. Soni at some point.

So yeah that seems to be the analysis as of now. Lets see, we just might be able to beat the dreaded D before it becomes an issue.


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