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31 August 2020

So the day is done and the evening is here… today’s headlines will be (disclaimer: I do not watch TV news, ever, and I advice all sane people to never watch TV news… it finds me on WA forwards on groups I cannot leave)
1… Times Now unearths 35 graves possibly 50 in China and we chest thump to that (not realizing that a soldiers death is not a reason for chest thumping on either side of the border but grave introspection… who are we turning into that death of other people gives us a reason to feel proud?)
2… the SSR case, the most important issue facing our country today, has a new twist in that Sandip Ssingh (of PM NaMo movie fame) supplied drugs to SSR, also that SSRs sisters knew about his drug abuse way before Rhea came into the picture. Wonder how Arnab and Kangana will spin now. Aiyo!
3… Pranab da passes away at 84 (RIP dada this world has anyway gone over the edge). You did a lot for all of us …you tried to do more by brokering peace. We shall be ever thankful… (and you will be soon forgotten as a Congress wala because that was your crime being a congressman)
4… numbers are in and as Rahul Gandhi predicted India’s quarter 1 GDP growth prediction is minus 23.9% which will be attributed to Covid by all the Ranga Billas on TV but is actually just a continuation of the numbers from pre-covid era. (Pappu however is to be ridiculed for stating the obvious with memes and jokes so that everyone can laugh their way to poverty)
5… Prashant Bhushan scores a fantabulous victory in SC and friends pay the fine of a full one rupee… the SC was put in its place by a single upright man proving once again that Gandhigiri can still win… this will be termed by news channels as a slap on the face for PB and SC showing him his true value (aukaat)… the bhakt ecosystem will lap it up as that.

What we will not hear about is the looming economic crisis, the rising numbers and the pathetically inadequate state of health services… we will also not hear how Adani has arm twisted GVK into selling off a majority stake in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Airports (using ED and multiple other agencies)… we will also not hear about the way yesterday our dear prime minister advertised blatantly for toys just a few days after Reliance bought Hamleys the worlds biggest toy chain and a stake in Future group the biggest retail group in India… how the slide back into the East India Company situation continues unabated… no sir we wont hear about real issues…

I wonder why do we watch news when all we are looking for is distraction, entertainment and not the truth… maybe as a nation we have become potatoes (yes the ignorant bhakt here will jump up and down about aloo se sona… SMH)

I choose to ignore all this and focus on my small happy life where I have had a near perfect day so far

1… woke up early to attend to two server outages, fixed them both in an hour
2… had a great cup of coffee specially so because we had cream left over from yesterdays cookie making project
3… kids woke up and were cheerful, got ready nicely
4… I drove to the Nikon service center 25km away, parked away from the workshop and enjoyed a small walk before picking up the camera which had been fixed FOC under warranty
5… came back to the homeopathic store and got the meds SG wanted me to pick up
6… got great mysuru pak at Chhedas… they took my 2000 rupee note which I had been trying to get change for… also enjoyed a nice cool tonic water
7… went to the post-office to chase my shipment of coffee powder from the farms at Madikeri …located the postman who was out to deliver it (he had failed in three previous attempts which is why I had to go to the post office)
8… got back home to a nice warm bath followed by a nice warm lunch
9… a pair of night wear hosiery shorts that the kids and wife had ordered for me arrived and they are a perfect fit
10… another cup of great coffee
11… a power nap
12… the Olympus binoculars we had ordered as part of my birthday return gifts for the girls (for all of us actually because now they will be my well equipped spotters) arrived and they are simply fantabulous
13… the coffee arrived home finally after three failed attempts… this time they were attempting distribution from the nodal office which was the reason for the miss earlier…
14… just because ending on 13 might not be such a cool idea… there’s dahi vada in the fridge that the cook prepared for us on popular demand.
15… and finally there is a new development on the farmhouse project which is looking super super wonderful… fingers and toes all crossed…

In short life is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! To hell with the prophets of doom spinning their negative stories all day long…

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