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Aim… For the stars

Heard that jio has launched an immersive technology product that will allow immersive 3D experience…. Nice.

How though will it help poor old me?

I have to get the leaking tap in the kitchen repaired but parts are not available due to covid lock down. So I wash utensils and run the washing machine simultaneously and at other times shut off the water supply from mains.

I have to get milk cartons but none are available at Reliance mart or quickmart or elsewhere…. They said because of the lockdown supply is not coming, the last time I was able to check. The wife does not like any other milk in her tea and she’s a tea addict… What to do now we’re on the last four cartons? Even the dairy whitener ran out a few days back and amazon no delivering only…

I want to go out and walk at least 5kms maybe more. It helps me clear my head and think about solutions to tricky problems related to work. However every morning I wake up to cops chasing morning walkers outside my window and shouting out warnings over the PA system. No one is allowed outside because lockdown is there. I wonder how walking, with safe distance and protection, would spread the virus but then I am an ignoramus. So I am staying content with a round of mopping and sweeping to keep the circulation going. Tried yoga, meditation and all that whatsapp University suggested, but a walk is what works best to keep my head clear. Within society premises is after a point vertigo inducing…

I need to get a monitor to connect to my daughter’s laptop because she dropped a bottle full of body wash on it (closed, sealed bottle) and broke the screen a couple of days back. Lenovo support says I need to bring it in for servicing because onsite warranty is not for accidental damage repairs, not even for a laptop I bought just a month back! But in this lockdown I feel I don’t want to risk dropping off the laptop for repair. Who knows when I would be able to go out next to pick it up. Might as well buy a monitor and get on with it. But Amazon or flipkart are not delivering to my location because of the lockdown.

My kids need printouts for the worksheets because the teacher advised them to fill the answers in then paste in the notebook. We got the printer a month back as well… But ran out of paper a week back. Now no one is delivering paper either… Lockdown you see…

But it is good that Reliance has come up with these jio glasses… Now I can boldly order one of these and then karlo duniya muththi mein

First world problems I have stated all…. Really petty, frivolous and mean specially when you think of the millions sleeping right now without a morsel of food in their belly. I am way way more privileged. I wish the poor folks with no means could be given these glasses so that atleast they can, in their waking hours, watch and interact with food in an immersive fashion like Akash and Isha…

But good that Reliance is launching these glasses… Next stop world’s fifth richest entity! Fingers crossed.

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