Random musings…
The ones that got written down.

of goats…. and men

So the cook needed yogurt for preparing bhature and I was told to go and get it… after all it was my idea to make chole-bhature for lunch…

After kicking myself for giving smart ideas I stepped out to go to the dairy and fetch the yogurt. Kids refused to come along because their classes were on and anyway it was very bright and sunny outside besides they knew I wouldn’t take the car… So here I was on my own making the treacherous trip to the dairy… On the way I spotted a goat herd (or would it be a goat-man considering he had just one goat not a herd)… took a video to send to the kids and tease them about the missed encounter with a goat…

The poor girl was being dragged back to her home by the owner and was bleating meekly. Probably had found some exotic greens far from home.
So I send the video to the girls at home.

A few meters ahead Ria messages back: They’re gonna kill it?

I replied: It’s a she goat. They kill usually only he goats

To which the missus replies: actually realized a profound truth, only human females are killed more than males

Made me think. Who is doing the killings? Men mostly. So men all over were killing the males of other species, goats, chicken etc. also men predominantly were also killing unborn/newlyborn female kids besides oppressing the female of the species through unpaid labour (most wives at homes), rapes and other mental torture. A female is allowed to rise and prosper only if it suits the male of the human species. Hens because they lay eggs, goats because they give milk and produce kids…. and women only if they can help benefit business or because who else would clean the toilets, feed the hungry hippos and provide entertainment at night… Man! oh Man…. where have we arrived…

On a day when the nation has yet again been shamed by the rape and murder of a young girl and the ensuing coverup, the thought that comes to mind is that we men are the cause of almost all the problems that women face… profoundly disturbing and humiliating to any self respecting male… Ego and greed has led us to the end of humanity in our civilization…. because what happened to the girl in Hathras and the way the government machinery jumped in to cover it all up certainly does not tell me that humanity is still alive.

On a separate note the flowers on the Saptaparna this year are completely off the charts… up on the 20th floor around sunset we just need to open the windows and the whole house gets filled with the intoxicating aroma of the flowers… the lockdown in someway helped these trees immensely.

Maybe we should just make lockdown the new normal and stop humans from destroying everything for their own selfish greed… (to those saying utopian crazy idea… trust me poor people do not need diesel guzzling cars or Lays potato wafers… thats just the crazy smart alecs living the supposed good life… people are more than happy if you would just as much as let them live and not exploit them in the name of progress and development… but then what do I know I have a very simplistic outlook to life…. its the sophisticates sitting in boardrooms who make the world go round… oh wait in a different part of the world there was a Presidential debate as well last night… those guys and many more like them are the ones making decisions for the human race… I am so thankful that I am a simpleton who looks for ways to step out of the way of such morons…

meanwhile… the chole bhature was great… simply blessed to have such wonderful women around… of course the idea was mine and I went and got the yogurt as well, but the execution was the cook and the guidance was the wife… as for the kids they are just curious kittens for now… every few minutes coming and asking me are you done with the story can we read it now? :))

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