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I was intrigued by the huge storm that this statement created on twitter yesterday.

The english is not wrong and yet we have heavyweights in the ruling party making fun of a 74year old lady for having revealed that she had more than one husbands… as per their limited interpretation. Frankly, even if she did… but patriarchy related stupidity is not what we are dissecting here…

Then it dawned on me why this gutter humour, this absolute potty humour is necessary today. Maldives has banned tourism from India in view of the rampant second wave.

Essentially when people like Bagga in the BJP ecosystem do not get fresh pictures of bollywood celebs in string bikinis on their morning social media/page3 feed they resort to fapping over a 74 year old and that too by wrongly interpreting the English, because we are 6 year olds.

It is understandable, the frustration runs high in these low lives. First Indian Government broke his back by blocking Aliexpress (talking about Bagga he used to buy off AliExpress and then sell trinkets, earrings and such like, for a huge markup to gullible hyper nationalist crowds who used to think that this guy is close to Mr Juicer so must be doing the right thing… not a bad model however when your dads are going all guns blazing about Make In India it does seem shady that this business was surreptitiously still on). Then they sent him to West Bengal where we all saw how badly his nuts got kicked in, along with those of his two dads, by Didi (the dads have since then let loose the dogs of war, read “agencies” doing “investigations”, and personally resorted to going underground completely while Bagga and his ilk try desperately to find fap material). That is when Maldives hammers in the last nail and takes away all his entertainment.

Disgusting explanation however so very calming… at least now I know there is a reason why people say what they say and do what they do and it’s not just illiteracy and ignorance. All along I used to feel that people like Tajinder Singh Bagga, and frankly most of the Right Wing eco system, are low IQ illiterates who don’t know better. Now I know that in addition to being slow there is also an abject need to find entertainment/occupation. I hope we can rise above all this smallness of mind. However now I do not feel angered or irritated at poor Bagga and his ilk, rather I pity the poor unemployed/unemployable sots.

Sonia Gandhi meanwhile I hope is having a good laugh. Coming from someone who once posted that he wanted the hands of his abba this was hilarious, not offensive, just another case of shooting himself in his foot OR should we say autonomous entertainment generation (aka fap material production) by the poor sots…. too much atmanirbharta

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