Random musings…
The ones that got written down.

somethings that needed to be written down


Morning ritual

  1. wake up at least 2 hours before you need to be somewhere
  2. start the day with gratitude. 5-10 minutes of being thankful for everything and anything. It could be something as simple as the view from your window and something as complex as the opportunity to be up, awake, breathing alive watching the sun go up one more day. This is essentially meditating and drawing more of good into your life
  3. drink up…. get a head start on your daily water intake target by downing 1000ml of the mana, warm preferably but no one’s judging so cold if you must.
  4. make your bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, change
  5. wear shoes and head out for at least 30 minutes of walking/running/swimming… whatever floats your boat. Get exercise to make sure the day is energized from the get go.
  6. while out there energizing the body do something for the mind as well…. make a list of things you look forward to during the course of the day. A to-do list if you may just more upbeat as it gives you reason to be excited about heading into the day.
  7. back home get a shower and get dressed for work/school.  Make sure you flush, switch off the geyser, turn off the taps properly, throw the clothes that came off into the laundry basket and put the towel out to dry.
  8. fix your breakfast or help whoever is fixing it for you. Make sure you sit down and have your breakfast 10 minutes is what you need to apportion for this, make the effort.
  9. If you have time then read a bit, not dour newspapers and depressing stuff but something that is interesting and helpful maybe just good old harry potter but certainly not emails, news papers and definitely not whatsapp messages. Set your own agenda do not let the world set your agenda for you…. at least not yet.
  10. talk to the family if they are around, call them if you can
  11. go out Carpe Diem!



Morning Checklist for Ria & Ira

  • make bed
  • brush thoroughly
  • flush
  • turn off taps
  • turn off geyser
  • hang towel out to dry
  • throw clothes in laundry basket
  • water bottle
  • i-card
  • home work
  • breakfast
  • clear table once done
  • specs
  • handkerchief
  • everything in it’s place no littering behind you



Swimming checklist

  • towels (at least 2)
  • spectacles box(s)
  • floats
  • caps
  • bag for wet clothes
  • goggles
  • house keys

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