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The advent of AI technology is rapidly changing the way we live and work. ChatGPT, an NLP AI model developed by OpenAI, is just one example of how this technology is disrupting industries and transforming the way we interact with machines.

I had previously predicted that we would have a decade to adapt to this technology, but the speed at which AI is advancing has proven that we have much less time than that. The recent layoffs at big tech companies are a sign of this disruption.

OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT is a prime example of how this technology is making tasks that were once tedious and time-consuming much easier. For instance, I recently used ChatGPT to generate a script for a video, and then used an AI-powered platform to convert the script into a video. All of this was done without any human intervention. The experiment was for my daughters school project where she needed to write a 1000 word essay on how UNICEF helped the human race cope with COVID 19.

It’s important to note that with the speed of AI disruption, we have only weeks or months to adapt to this change and learn how to leverage AI in our day-to-day tasks. Those who resist this change and believe that AI will destroy their jobs, will ultimately be left behind. Therefore, it’s crucial for individuals to use their free time to explore the ways in which AI can improve their work and personal lives.

Even this write-up is a cleaned up version generated by ChatGPT… I gave it my long winding hastily written write-up and in roughly 3seconds chatGPT came back with this… Guys please treat this as you would treat someone telling you to go back in time with a fat purse and buy a kilo gold …the future for our kids depends on how we embrace this coming change… chat.openai.com

This is what my original writeup looked like

most of you would have by now heard about and even experimented with chatGPT. For those who have not please get on the gravy boat before it is too late. Like Computers came and disrupted life as we knew it, then process automation, CAD/CAM, then the Internet, then Google… now chatGPT and specifically AI is the next big disruption that will upend life as we know it and make things different to put it mildly. I had written about it a couple of years back and had given humankind a 10 year window, essentially STEM not humankind. With the speed at which the exponential growth has taken place in the field I can safely say I was wrong. We do not have 10 years. We have weeks at best months now. The recent layoff going on at bigtech are a marker, not exactly related but not unrelated by much either. OpenAI the leader in this field has released chatGPT it’s NLP AI model and life has never been the same again. Try it out at chat.openai.com you will be surprised. Just to illustrate the point today I asked chatGPT to tell me how UNICEF helped humanity during the COVID19 crisis. Then I asked it to generate a script for a video based upon it’s answer. Then I asked where could I convert the script to video. chatGPT guided me to pictory.ai where I pasted the answer chatGPT had given me and pictory.ai (the next level in AI dominance) generated the video. This video I am sharing came from AI, I did nothing to generate it (the odd copy paste and minor edits to the script will also go away as the AI becomes more refined over time)…

Get onboard guys use all your free time to explore how you can leverage AI to do your day to day tasks more easily. Because if you join the hordes saying AI will destroy your jobs then that is what it will do… so best learn about it and leverage it to do more do better and go farther than you’ve ever been…

My prompts to ChatGPT just in case you are intrigued (head over to https://chat.openai.com):

it’s only a hop skip and jump before openAI comes up with strategic integrations

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