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the good and the bad and the struggle within

Good continues on it’s righteous path because Good knows no other way to be. Bad is busy being gluttonously self serving because well bad has no real option.

Good knows that it’s being taken advantage of, knows that there is a world outside of it’s own beautiful cocoon but Good is not yet ready to take flight, Good is in it’s own selfish way happy being good. Bad knows that what it’s doing is wrong on multiple levels and yet bad carries on in some cases because of inertia and in most cases because of the belief that there’s only one life and who wants to waste it on devouring the bitter gourds one would rather keep going for the pork belly crust every single time.

Good sees the happiness in the outcomes of it’s deeds, notices how people who benefit from it’s deeds are so excited about receiving what for good is fruits of labor done right. For Good a job done right is more than any feedback or remuneration that the world could provide. It’s the joy of having been truthful that carries Good from point A to point B. Bad likes it that it can go from point A to point B by exploiting the good in the world. Yes it would be nice to be fair but how much does it pay? All business if you think long enough is about maximizing the margin and extracting more profit out of whatever you’re selling, essentially cheating the consumer by selling at a high price a product that cost you next to nothing to build. Bad justifies it as the supply-demand conundrum however scratch the surface and you might notice it’s a sham, try researching about the diamond story for instance. Bad is gluttonous and exploitative beyond imagination. Bad knows the price of everything the value of everything as well and still chooses profits over both.

Good tries to minimize the disruption it causes to the world around it. Bad thrives on disruption, celebrates it and calls it progress. Good believes in letting people be, Bad brings religion to the heathens or at least pretends to lead with that thought because by now we have established that Bad values nothing over profits not even religion and that Bad can shape and sell anything for the sake of profits, even religion. Good asks to find out about what it is that Good can do for the people around it to ease their burden. Bad demands and commands the people around it to carry it’s burden, you do it.

Good carries on undaunted in the face of ridicule because for Good it is not the material wealth that matters at all, yes it’s important however only as a means to an end not the end itself. It’s what you can achieve with the profits that matters to Good not how you can continue to exploit the masses to keep on exponentially growing your profits. Good starts with and end in mind. Bad starts with no end in mind and after a point forgets what it had set out to achieve ending up on a journey with no end and no direction. Like a cancer Bad just spreads in every direction that it can go devouring everything in it’s wake. Bad is very self assured that it is doing good for the masses by bringing them development, religion, spices, automobiles and plastic. Bad feels, nay knows, that it’s way is the only correct way to live. Good accepts that there may be multiple paths to the same end and that one path is no better than the other one as long as the traveler enjoys his journey on his chosen path. Tolerance and co-existence are not words that you would find in the dictionary that Bad uses.

Good is not sans beliefs, however Good invites exploration and research. Bad is rigid, it is written, there is no scope for discussion. The code is paramount for Bad because Bad practically wrote it, to benefit itself in most cases. The code as per Bad is exclusive, elitist, definitive, it’s the identity. The code is fallacious and full of bugs is where Good starts from. Debug, simplify, accommodate, co-exist and reduce the load on the system is where Good wants to take the code. Good believes in the ability to improve what is given, Bad is obstinate and closed to suggestion of change. Bad knows that what is written is the only way, Good wants to always provide for the outliers, Bad would happily execute the outliers to clean up the plot.

Good wins in the end… Bad wins everyday. Let that not dissuade you from fighting the good fight. It is humiliating and frustrating to see so many and so much subscribe to all that today stands for Bad. However remember that it is the meek who shall inherit the earth…. after all that’s what’s written and that’s what the Bad which is so rigid about that which is written is really so worried about. So much so that Good today is frowned upon, celebrated only as a hat tip to that which is rare and in private scoffed at as impractical and disingenously wasteful of ones abilities…. for now time to go brew me a cup of coffee… after all the Good things in life take time and Good or Bad we all love our java to be just right.

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