Random musings…
The ones that got written down.

the journey is the destination…

Since the day we are sentient we are conditioned to start the journey. The journey that ends only when we’re gone from this earth. The chase never ends for most of us. There will always be the next peak to summit. Blessed are those who find a purpose in life, strive towards that purpose day in and day out and achieve that purpose at some point in life. Nirvana awaits those that work their asses off trying to attain it. Well, for the ones who are not so focused in life, I have started to understand, Nirvana exists for those souls as well.

Nirvana, is a transcendental state of mind (also referred to as Moksha). To attain that state you need to fall in love. In love with the path, the chase, the journey not so much the destination. Anything that gives you joy can lead you to your bliss. I feel that if one ties oneself too much to destinations, to the summits the amount of joy you gain out of that approach is limited and momentary. Once you’ve achieved the peak you set out to conquer where do you go from there? It’s like you’re now weary and the joy of having arrived wears off because let’s face it you focused your whole attention on the destination. What happens before and after a destination is not something you ever were invested in.

So yes my theory (I am sure the theory of so many others before me as well) says “learn to enjoy the journey if you truly want nirvana in every moment of your life. If you start enjoying the struggle, the hustle becomes your fuel and the destination or destinations just arrive as milestones on the route. Don’t lock in into one destination rather be the Jack who loves all the trades that he’s introduced to. Be the person who finds solutions everyday and gets rewarded for every obstacle he overcomes (by his own endocrine system not by some silly rewards committee made up of bored farts). This way by enjoying the process you are actually optimizing the amount of juice you can extract from an otherwise ordinary life. Ordinary need not be boring however why be ordinarily successful when there are so many things to do out there. Be the extra, do everything and have fun while at it.

The other thought, since we are on a blog that says Random Musings, was about the same stuff stated in a different manner. People cry all through their lives because they feel they are in a sad situation where they have not been able to achieve that one goal that they set out to achieve. I feel a small change in attitude can fix this. Start enjoying where you are. If you cannot be happy where you are in life then I guarantee you you will not be happy where you are headed once you get there. Your present sets the tone for you future. I am over weight, I know that, I am using the knowledge and enjoying my walks and eventually I’ll start running. My reality right now is that I am having fun working towards better weight management my reality need not be that I am overweight. On the other hand if I were to start moping about all the weight I’ve piled on over the past few months I would end up depression eating and piling on some more…

So yes find the reason to be happy in every situation and you will move from one peak to another, cry over a spilled milk situation and you would be wiping the floor forever. The choice is yours… and if nothing else learn from Dogs and small kids… they will merrily chase a car or a garbage truck with no intention or concern about what they will do once they catchup (a dog might still think of driving the car the baby I guess just chases it because the dog is chasing it)… those two are the happiest beings that you know… a baby and a dog… chasing rainbows not because they want to do something with the colors… just because the chase is so much more fun that the catch

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