Random musings…
The ones that got written down.

the theory….

  • Thoughts become things
  • think about what you want and not about what you do not want in your life
    say yes to what you want
  • If you do not like something don’t say “no” to it instead think of what you want instead and
    say yes to that. For instance if you do not want poverty do not say you do not want poverty
    instead say I want plentifullness.
  • Focus on what is good in your life and appreciate it everyday
  • do not let a situation anger you or disturb you as all that is achieved by being
    disturbed/angered by a situation is an increase in the negativity qoutient in your life resulting
    in more of such and similar situations coming into your life.
  • Thoughts shape you and your life and whatever happens happens as a result of what you
    attract into your life based upon your conscious or subconscious thoughts.
  • Whatever you are feeling is a reflection of things to come. Essentially your present is a
    result of your past thoughts and feelings. So try and feel happy, good, abundant at all times
    if that is a future you envisage for your self.
  • Ignore thoughts that make you feel bad and focus on ones that make you feel happy.
    Start by feeling how you would feel if something that you want were to actually come about. Once you start feeling that way the universe will rearrange itself and make it happen
  • What you think, what you feel and what manifests is always a match
    the more you feel good the more you attract things into your life that will make you feel
  • if for some reason you’re not feeling good you can try and snap out of it by doing or thinking
    of something that makes you feel better…. it could be a piece of music or it could be a baby.
    Focus on those things that make you feel good and snap out of a bad mood. Put on music it
    almost always helps.
  • ASK! Always state clearly what you want from the universe. The universe will give you
    what you wish as long as you are clear about what you want from it and clarly state your
    wish. Much like the genie from Alladin the universe is always saying “your wish is my
  • Do not worry about the “how” as there is no limit to what the universe can achieve. It will
    happen as long as you are clear about your wish and stick to your demand. It may take time
    but it will happen. Doubting the universe will send out a signal that says “aah this is not
    working out” which the universe will respond to with a “your wish is my command” and
    then it actually will not happen…. so always believe in your dreams. Give it time.
  • The universe likes speed. Don’t delay, don’t second guess, don’t doubt. When the opportunity
    is there, the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, ACT!.
  • Consider the example of driving in the night on an unlit highway. The headlights light up
    about 200 metres so at most you can see 200mts ahead of you and yet you successfully drive
    from point A to point B which may be hundreds of kilometers apart. Similarly in life the
    whole path is never revealed in one go. You need to believe in the end destination which is
    your life goal and let the universe work on that, you focus on doing your 200mtrs every day.
  • Start with something small. Lets say send out a wish to the universe that I will get a
    particular parking spot today morning at work. Trust in that and drive to work believing and
    enjoying the parking space where you will park once you get to work.
  • Your current reality is the result of your thoughts in the past.
    Do not look at what is as what you are. Look at what is as what you were. If you wish to
    grow stop being what you were and change your perspective.
  • “GRATITUDE” – possibly the single most powerful way to attract more stuff to be grateful for into your life.
  • M

  • ake it a practice to express gratitude first thing in the morning for everything that you feel
    is good in your life. It would start your day off on a positive note and send out a signal to the
    universe that I want more of this stuff in my life. At any given point in life you can find
    something to be grateful for, use that to claw back into the good times by being eternally
    grateful to the universe for that one thing, person, ability.
  • Make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life, you’ll be surprised.
  • VISUALIZE – what you visualize is what materializes. Visualization is not just wishful
    thinking but actually feeling right now the feelings of joy, accomplishment, happiness, thrill
    which you would feel upon achieving your goal. The universe will make it happen if you are
    already feeling it.
  • If you’ve been there in your mind you will get there in body as well.
  • Feel good by choice not by force, essentially do not try to forcibly monitor and tailor your
    thoughts. Just make it a sort of way of life by slowly switching off the lights in the dark
    thoughts room and switching them full on on the happy thoughts room.
  • One good idea is to make a vision board. Put up pictures of things you want in life on this
    vision board and focus on the feelings that you would have once you have achieved these
    goals. Everyday visualize yourselves with these posessions and feel the feelings you will
    feel once you’ve achived them then release it all to the universe. The universe will manifest
    these thoughts and feelings once it gets the clear message.
  • Imagination is the preview of lifes coming attractions.
  • Live with an intent, a purpose. It is upto you to send out the message saying this is my intent from my life.
  • Belive in the line “Money comes easily and frequently”, if money is what you want. It could
    also be “love comes easily and frequently”…. beieve in that rather than being unsure as that
    just sets you up for the negativity in life.
  • Wealth is a mindset, abundance is a mindset. You have the ability to mould and change your
    relationship with everything you want in your life by a simple change in attitude towards
    that aspect of your life.
  • Work for inner joy and peace first and everything else will manifest as you wish.
    Paint, write it out, speak about it…. essentially put it out there for the universe to hear,
    emphatically and clearly.
  • If you want people to be respectful towards you, to love you, be proud of you, enjoy your
    company, be awed by your intellect you need to start by being appreciative of yourself.
  • Spend time and effort on improving yourself. You are your own masterpiece. Respect
    yourself appreciate yourself before expecting others to do the same.
  • You are the only person responsible for creating your reality. Only you.
  • Health is all in the mind. If you believe you are being cured, if you believe you are healthy
    you will be able to cure yourself even with a placebo.
  • Put enough stress on a chain link and it will break. Similarly stress in life is the cause of all
    diseases. The way to stay healthy is to remove any sort of stress from life.
  • See and believe yourself to be living in health. Visualize a healthy life. Let the doctors take
    care of disease.
  • Incurable mostly means curable from the inside. You can cure anything as long as you
    believe it can be done.
  • Man becomes what he thinks about most.
  • The more you say no to something the more chances that it will manifest in your life. What
    you resist persists.
  • Focus always on what you want, forget about the do not wants.
  • When the voice from within becomes more profound and clear than the opinions on the
    outside then you have mastered your life and can take it anywhere you wish.
  • There is more than enough to go around. So do not be limited by the thought that there is
    only so much of what you want. Not everyone wants the same things in life so as long as
    your choice is clear to the universe there is a distinct certainity that you will get it.
  • The way the universe works is not clear to everyone and some people actively doubt it. At
    the very basic level everything is energy. Broken down to the very basic level we are all
    source energy. The universe is energy and when some part of this whole energy field pulls
    towards a certain pole the universe ensures that things are harmonized by rearranging itself
    to keep the overall entropy same as always. This is how your wishes are realized.
  • When you focus on what you want everything else that you do not want falls away from
    your sphere of influence and the law of attraction starts to work.
  • Your purpose is what you want it to be, your mission is what you choose. You life will be
    what you want it to be.
  • Joy, love, fredom, happiness, peace, balance, growth, achievement, success… do things that
    will give you those feelings. Follow your bliss and the univere will open doors for you
    where there were only walls earlier.
  • Your real work is to decide what you really want for when you know what you want only
    then can you attract it into your life by giving it out to the universe to fulfil for you.

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