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ooh ooh aah aah hukkuku haa haa

A short story that I made up on the go while trying to put the kids to sleep last night…. (and now its on repeat play)

Once upon a time there was a baby monkey, lets call him Monku. this picture is for representational purposes only.... no relationship with the real Monku.... oh and no animals were actually hurt/tested or harmed for the writing of this story :))this picture is for representational purposes only…. no relationship with the real Monku…. oh and no animals were actually hurt/tested or harmed for the writing of this story :))His parents were a worried lot because he was five years old and he did not speak properly. In his class at school also the teachers and his fellow students had given up trying to understand what he was saying. All the other monkeys used to speak in a normal monkey voice and our champ used to go “ooh ooh aah aah hukkuku haa haa” which obviously made no sense at all in monkey speak. The teacher used to communicate with Monku in sign language if absolutely necessary. Monkus parents had tried a lot of things to try and fix his speech problem. Their friends suggested a lot of remedies but nothing seemed to work for poor Monku. Then they were referred to a specialist doctor, a speech therapist, who everyone said was really good at his job.

The family traveled a long distance from the jungle to the city, on the top of a bus to meet this specialist. The doctor examined Monku, made him breathe while he listened for any anomaly with his cold stethoscope, he had Monku stick his tongue out and say “aaaaaahhhh”…. Monku stuck out his tongue but said “ooh ooh aah aah hukkuku haa haa” instead…. of course that was all he could say….  the doctor was not sure so he recommended a battery of tests. Monku and his parents came back with the reports in a few hours and the specialist went through the reports methodically. After a few minutes of flipping through the reports the doctor looked at Monku and said “he’s perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with him. The speech disorder will go away with age as he grows older. Sometimes children take a little more time to start speaking clearly. There is nothing to worry about and anything we do will not make a difference. Just let him be he will be fine in due course on his own”….. hearing this Monkus parents were both relieved and saddened. They had hoped they would find a fix but then this was as close to a fix that the doctor could give them “wait for things to get better”.

That evening the monkeys were back on the roof of the bus, hitching a ride back to the forest. This bus was going from a different route as there were many pot holes and the ride was excessively bumpy nothing like the ride thay had taken to town from the jungle last evening. The three of them were grumbling about the bad state of roads specially so close to the big city when suddenly the bus hit a humungous pot hole and bounced almost out of control. That was when Monku started speaking in monkey language. The “ooh ooh aah aah hukkuku haa haa” was gone, it was gone for good. Monkus parents were ecstatic, they were dancing, crying, jumping, hugging each other all the way home mindless of the badly cratered road. Later that night at home while changing monkus diapers his dad realized there was a pretty big stone in there. Apparently this stone had been stuck in Monkus throat all along after he had eaten it when he was a much smaller baby. While returning from the town the stone had become dislodged when the bus went over that huge pot hole and from there it made it’s way down Monkus tummy and went out the other end into the diaper…. after a long bath and dinner everyone slept peacefully, happily that night.

Next morning at school the teacher was taking attendance and then she came to Monkus name, she read it out expecting to hear gibberish again but this time it was not “ooh ooh aah aah hukkuku haa haa“…. rather it was a nice and crisp “Present maam“…… she looked up shocked and happy and saw the smiling face of Monku. Everyone gathered around him happily surprised and that day all they did was make the little monkey talk all through the day till the very last minute that they were in school…. and then some more on the way back home….

Gnight kiddos 😀

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