Random musings…
The ones that got written down.

human beings are such….

dimwits is the word that comes to mind….

First we create problems and then we solve them and then we reward ourselves for having solved “that” problem hand out nobel prizes and all….. a little later we realize “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE WE DONE!!!”…. look at dynamite to understand where I’m starting off from….

Today we in India talk of this thing called “DEVELOPMENT”. It’s what we all want. We just don’t understand what it means though. Ask a man on the street what he understands by development and he will tell you about these huge factories and jobs for everyone and money in the bank and cars for all and no worries etc. etc. No one talks about art, clean air, peace, co-existence, equality for all in each and every respect…. no one talks of happiness. Because rarely do people understand that development is not just a material tangible quantity…. development also pertains to the mind, to thought and understanding. Development needs to be holistic if it has to be meaningful

We say the US is a developed country, just taking a random example, but is it? We want to be like the US in every respect but do we even understand what we want? I just read this article about how streets in LA are being coated with the same material that is used to make stealth aircraft impervious to radar. Why? Well because the average temperatures have gone from 80-100F. the streets treated by this rubber material are roughly 10degrees less warmer and pets love walking on these roads…. the covering costs will be $40000 per mile and it lasts 7 full years. Wow I say WOW!!! Such idiots. What happens after 7 years? You scrape off this goop from the streets and throw it into the oceans then re-lay. Adding to the pollution and now the ambient temperature goes from 100-120degrees. How smart. Would it not be easier to just stop building roads by cutting up forests? Would it not help to plant trees along each and every mile of road that is already built up. I bet it wouldn’t cost $40000 per mile to plant trees every 50 metres apart (that’s roughly 64 trees per mile if you count both sides of the road and at a conservative estimate you’d spend $25 per annum per tree or roughly 1600 bucks a year in watering and trimming costs that’s roughly $12000 for 7 years and no need to scrape off the goop and force feed it to the Dolphins!! Whoa). But no sir lets experiment with this shit goop that we put on stealth aircraft and ships and solve a problem right now.

To begin with why do we need all this arsenal of nuclear missiles? We have enough to destroy the earth 100000 times over were it all to go off one fine day accidentally (or because of temperatures crossing the threshold maybe)….. but no we humans will go on building, buying, selling weapons of mass destruction till kingdom come. And then we will form kitty party clubs of nations with specific weapons systems, case in point the NSG for nuclear suppliers, whoa and whoa!!! Then we will start making imaginary enemies, why? because we need these weapons systems tested ya’know. Besides who would buy our weapons if there are no bad people which governments can be threatened and scared with, so that those governments will in turn tell the people “see see these cockroaches from the middal yeast will gobble you up so we need these missile systems to nuke them out of their caves”…… and the story goes on and on ad infinitum ….make a problem then solve a problem only to have created an even bigger one which you’ll need to now solve with more toxic solutions…. Allopathy for you in a nutshell.

Go back to basics silly…. you don’t need processed cheese or honey loops for breakfast… have milk and a corn on the cob maybe. You don’t need to pile on empty calories through the day with all your fizzy drinks only to burn it like a panting dog on the treadmill in the evening… eat natural and work hard in the fields instead. You do not need a computer to write… heard of pens and paper.

Life was meant to be simple… solve your problems by not creating them in the first place. Go back to the basics you don’t really need too much to be happy…. just some friends from school w meeting up over lunch is more than enough to take a break from the daily grind and recharge for the next few… you really do not need a long winded vacation in the Bahamas which drains you of energy and resources…. travel yes but not for others…. travel for yourself to see and to learn not to show and burn….

Solve problems… by not creating them to begin with… and then if you must, find solution that are thought through for the long term impact…. for instance if you have a painful shin splint you don’t need to chop off that leg…. fix it with slow and steady physiotherapy, weight management and strengthening exercises…. simplify and address the root cause not the symptom…. but then again Human beings are such….

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