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smoke….. & mirrors

On what’s going on in the world today…..

you see it’s a strategy…. earlier the right wingers (both in America and in India) used to point to an enemy in a different country-region-people (Pakistan always for India and the middle east for America… always Muslims). That yielded a rich dividend for them as the gullible eat-up-all-the-shit-that’s-dished-out-by-the-government-idiot population used to lap up the nationalistic pride argument and happily support every act of terrorism that the state indulged in using the military. Today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to wage those wars outside. You never know who is sitting on a nuclear bomb. The outcome of these skirmishes are not in the least predictable and body bags coming home do hit hard at the foundations of electoral monoliths. So yeah attacking the neighbor, conducting a beheading there and walking back in victorious with the heads of the “stated” enemy on spears does not work or at least does not have the same sureness of working. So what to do now, how to keep the masses, that 90 % of low IQ voters voting for you and the 5% of high IQ influencers working those 90%ers, for seriously inexplicable reasons, but yeah they do walk amongst us…. how to keep them perpetually high???

Find a new target, look for low hanging fruit closer home, project the rage on them. At the very basic level, we are all animals. Animals who left without any rule or law would love to rip each other apart and enforce the survival-of-the-fittest law. So yeah who are these low hanging fruit? Women, people who are different, the LGBT community, beef eaters (in India), the coloreds, Muslims (oh well those guys are like bad all over the world so yeah easiest targets), Hispanics, Indian IT workers (in America), Chinese IT workers (in India), people who look like Chinese IT workers but are actually Indians (migrants from northeast India to the mainland)……. it’s a pattern that’s becoming evident in America and has been successfully experimented with over the past few decades in India, WAR AGAINST THE CITIZEN. It’s safer.

The government controls the outcome to a very large extent, anytime the government is in a pickle they can engineer an issue elsewhere in the country to deviate serious questioning (by whatever minuscule amount of media that is left after the great purge and conversion of the majority of journalists into pro-government propagandists)….. case in point was the recent Jalikattu agitation in India. When the government sensed the start of heat over a failed demonetization experiment they swiftly switched the national attention to a sick non-issue, allowing or disallowing an ancient sport of what else “taming the bull”…. predictably all news channels zoomed in on the rabid fight between rights activists, “animal rights as well as religious/cultural rights”….. The significantly bigger issues were forgotten and swept under the carpet while the nation started looking the other way at legitimizing bull torture…. some will say “if this is torture then what is slaughter during bakra eid?” to them I say “killing for food is not the same as maiming and gouging for sport”

Similarly in the Americas I see this sort of War against the Citizen taking off….. women’s rights as far as I believe were a done and dusted deal in the US….. if anywhere in the world they were equaled it was in the US…. of course, there were gaps but not gaps which needed agitations, demonstrations…. just radical negotiations and legislation…. however by stepping on the tail of a peacefully resting animal Trump and his administration has ensured that “this” will be one of our escape routes when the heat gets too much to handle in other areas of government….. so now every time they steal from the state or make a booboo elsewhere there will be a manufactured emergency elsewhere that will swivel the national interest in that direction taking away the spotlight from the theft issues….. it’s a smart political ploy….. light up small fires all over the place and stoke one, some or all of them at a later date when required for diverting attention…..

I hope more people wake up, smell the coffee and realize this is just smoke and mirrors in a different packaging, but then again, we the people ask for this drama, more often than not….. on TV and in life. Snap!!!

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