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The ones that got written down.

the write thing

For forever now I’ve been meaning to write a book. Everyone who’s ever read my stuff wants me to write a book. So why have I never written a book?

Today I think is a good day to start writing a book. A dear friend suggested that I could always write the book later on but for now maybe the better thing to do would be to put together a collection of my notes, the ones I keep publishing to Facebook, and putting that out. Build the audience. So that’s part of the plan. The other part is to start building discipline. I have realized over the years that there is no scope for success unless you are disciplined. An article/note/story/writeup a day is the goal.

Lets see where this goes. Once I have a reasonably large number of decent pieces in place I’l put it out as an ebook. Should be fun.

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