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this lift is going up…

ever notice how when you’re going up in an elevator to some higher floor, it stops somewhere in between and four bumpkins tumble in scratching their oily hair and busily hitting the like buttons on FB running on their phones like their lives depended upon it…. then the doors close and the lift starts moving up to the 20th floor from the 4th floor…. and then they let out a collective groan and simultaneously look up at you as if you are the problem…. then one of them manages to say “oh fuck this is going up”…. All this while you’ve been standing there in the back observing these specimens suppressing a grin giving them the most dead pan of dead panny expressions…. You feel like telling them “bro if you wanted to go down you should not have pressed the up arrow shaped call button you know UP-DOWN” and then you stop yourself from being that guy who spoils it for the rest of the world…. tomorrow they will again be in a similar situation and they will again glare at that lone guy who is going up to the 20th floor… from the 4th floor and taking them up…. like hostages…. it’s all this guys fault that we are having to make this extra trip that too without network coverage…. imagine how many likes we could have hit on facebook in this time…. why do such people even exist people who are going up….

this has no relationship to the state of the nation today…. it is certainly not a commentary on the dumb voters who voted Modi in India and Trump in the US to power….. it does not try to say that dumb politicians are not the problem the problem is dumb voters who keep voting for them, it is not intended as an affront to those of you who are forever stuck to your mobile phone screens and feel breathless without access to SM hitting whatever button is brighter because your eyes are glued to the screen….. it’s just about how pressing the correct button could have saved you a lot of despair. Next time think before hitting that button.

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